noodling around

Grace Kim

Reasons that being a freshman is amazing

  • everyone does things for you because you’re not expected to know things
  • nicest dorm and freshman dorms are close to everything
  • again, upperclassmen just do things for you
  • no matter who you think is attractive, it’s almost 100% guaranteed they will either be your age or older. if you’re a senior and you think a guy is hot, he might end up being a freshman. freshmen don’t have this problem. or girls at least.
  • upperclassmen are trying to recruit you to their clubs/sports, so¬†again, they just do things for you.
  • you don’t get in trouble as much because you’re not expected to know things

basically this is so redundant but people do things for you and you can be attracted to anyone

i love cawledge

if the past tense of rise is rose why isn’t the past tense of surprise surprose?

so is it bad that i’m kinda picking courses based on the attractiveness of the professors teaching them?